What better method to recollect your Trenton skydive than to re-live it time and again with friends and family. Your Trenton Skydiving video will direct the story of your 1st jump from beginning to end. Any instant you want to watch once more can be caught and set to music for the occasion. The video of your 5-7 minute skydive will be burned onto a DVD for you and your relatives to enjoy at home. Depending on your Trenton Skydiving vendor of choice, you might be complemented with still pics of your Trenton skydive experience.

Must I call in in advance

The additional warning you provide, the more likely our team will be able to reserve the perfect time for your Trenton skydive. Our team have to arrange personnel to comply with your wants, and the advance notice allows us to better serve you.

Can I bring my own personal digital camera with me?

You are invited to take your own camera with you and take pictures throughout your Trenton Skydiving network training, that being said, you will be too occupied with your Trenton skydive to oversee your video camera during the dive. Personal video gear can be lost or damaged, however, our professional videographers record superior video of your skydive from a variety of positions and viewpoints. You'll be preoccupied enough during the skydive, specifically considering that you're around 14,000 feet over the earth dropping at a speed of 120 mph.

Can I have my friends get video or pictures?

Of course they can! Depending on the quality of their camera equipment, they will have the opportunity to take pictures of you soaring down to earth under the canopy in addition to your fast, but smooth, landing. Perhaps even photos of you when you land to attempt at catching the feeling you experienced to have proficiently performed your first skydive.

Could the Cameraman Film Two or More People?

The lapse of time in between a pair of individuals jumping creates a considerable distance in between them; rendering it unrealistic to film two or more people in an individual video. The speed a skydiver takes on increases significantly after initial freefall. Shutting the distance in between a skydiver who jumps out before you is virtually impracticable. If an individual, say a videographer, were to jump away from the airplane with the 1st skydiver, anybody who jumps out after him will be too far behind. Theoretically, despite the fact that a 2nd individual made it into the photo, they would be making an appearance as a speck of dust as far as aesthetic analyses go. Not to mention your video should be focused on you to heighten it to a more personal level. The intimate affiliation you construct with your skydive journey in Trenton can only be relieved and recorded with a genuinely direct and perspective oriented video Remember each moment in brilliant quality with a video of your own. Give our team a call at 1-800-314-4067 right away!

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